Becky's Testimonial

Posted on Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 at 4:33 pm by Renee

"A lifetime dream of mine has always been to have a beautiful diamond but I had no idea that one day I would meet the folks who would go all the way to Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond capital of the world, to pick out my special diamond and bring it back to me. But Steve and Linda Parker, owners of the Karat Patch, did just that. I wasn't sure if I could pay for it, but they went the 2nd mile and worked out a suitable payment plan for me. Now the diamond is on my finger and I am living my dream come true! Thank you, Parkers' Karat Patch.
Playing the piano has always been a passion for me and I love to wear my rings when I play. However, my special sweetheart ring would twirl around my fingers and I would always have to take it off because I was afraid I would damage the diamond on the keyboard. When I explained all this to the fine jewelers at Parkers' Karat Patch, they were immediately ready and willing to start to work on a suitable solution. In no time I was tickling the ol' ivories again with the diamond ring on my finger and they were smiling from ear to ear eating the first strawberry cake of the season! Thank you, Parkers' Karat Patch!"

Becky H.